820 Series II title


820 board

820 board title

The sprocket sets for the TS-520/820 Transceivers are different than the sprockets used on the 530/830 series of

Kenwood Transceivers.   The chains driving the sprockets are also not interchangeable.   Each sprocket on the TS-520/820

 series has a brass insert which is held to a 6mm shaft with two metric round head JIS screws.   These screws require a

special driver.  Each replacement sprocket uses a pair of more conventional 4-40 round head #0-phillips head screws.

820 orginal sprockets

This photo is of both of the original small black and large white sprockets used in the TS-520/820

series Kenwood Transceivers (Notice the crack in the sprocket at the upper right screw)

820 New

This photo is of the Series II reproduction white and black sprockets for the TS-520/820 series Kenwood Transceivers


Six sprockets (6) and three chain drives connect the drive shaft to the three air capacitors. 

The drive system includes three (3) large white and three (3) small black sprockets.  Two (2)

additional small black sprockets that are connected with a chain drive, without a tension

device, are used to rotate the band switch.  


sprocket on board

Reproduction sprockets installed on TS-820 coil pack unit.

820 Series II printing

Printing 820 Series II large sprockets


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