Installation Comments shared by Wald W4PL

      I have just installed the newly produced sprockets by NR6C on a Tempo 2020 Transceiver.  Those of you who own or work on these rigs know that the original white nylon sprockets crack at the set screw tapped holes and if bad enough can allow the air variable capacitors to get out of sync, that among other things causes the ALC indication to get touchy and RF drive to be less than ideal. 

     Gregory, NR6C has manufactured these replacement sprockets using a 3D printing process and is now offering them for sale on his website.  Go to WWW.temposprockets.COM to see more information about the installation and order your set.

        Greg does not keep a large inventory so he fills orders as they come in.  His major interest is filling the needs of fellow amateur radio operators and keeping these old Transceivers in service. 

Wald N4PL